Concert Association of Huntsville

Since 1980, CAH has been committed to offering exquisite concerts, featuring music from medieval to modern times. This excellence in music organization encourages the concept of having stellar Canadian musicians venture out from the larger urban centres into smaller communities such as Huntsville.

CAH’s mandate continues to be focused on welcoming all age groups, from a wide variety of demographics, specifically encouraging youth to attend these live performances.

Youth Programs

It is vital for young musicians to be exposed to professional performers. Musical education enriches lives. As a result of fundraising and a generous donation, CAH is able to hand out bursaries to three young musicians for private music lessons from Sept. 2014 to June 2015. 

“Pianist Maxim Bernard, Duo Rendezvous and Quartetto Gelato will be offering free master classes and music workshops to local music students. 
More on the CaH Youth Program

Three music bursaries have been given to three local music students for private lessons from September 2014 to June 2015. Many thanks to charitable donors and supporters of our June 19, 2014 fundraiser which generated the bursary money.”

Community support helps to make great music come to life. We would love to have you as a CAH volunteer. Please let us know by phoning Justine McDonnell at 705-789-7844

Past Favorites

Thank You

Trinity United Church It has been fortuitous for the CAH to be able to continue presenting their concerts in the intimate and acoustically superb venue of the Huntsville United Church sanctuary.